Art for Women Today

c/o Galleri Artsight, Stockholm, Sweden.


Art for Women Today is an all-female collective project, born from the need to leave a trace, an artistic testimony aimed at describing women in the contemporary  moment.

Art for Woman Today  is an international group of women artists, convened by Caterina Arciprete and Artsight gallery, to generate what is in fact both a popular artistic process and an act of personal and feminine affirmation.

A denunciation of our time, which each artist will develop according to the culture and influences of the country they belong to. The visual narration of a lived experience, of the intimate condition that, consciously or unconsciously, takes its place in each woman, influenced by personal and social events faced in contact with her specific surroundings.

Giving life, through their personal stylistic signature, to a work whose objective is to describe the condition of women, to give a voice to the emotionality, empathy and female introspection of our times, this is the mission of each member of the group.

The project also has a social purpose and complements the work of Pianoterra ETS, an Italian non-profit organization supporting women and children living in hardship and poverty.

With a donation linked to the project and a collaboration developed on communication and workshop development, Art for Women Today aims to support women through art.