Participation and aims

Art for Women today aims to support women through art.

- The Art for Women Today project intends to support  Pianoterra ETS by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the artist's book-collection of postcards, published as a result of the work realized.

- Art for Women Today has planned to collaborate with Pianoterra ETS and other affiliated organizations, both in Italy and abroad, to develop training workshops specifically designed for women. The objective of these workshops will be to offer women who participate a space for creativity in which to express themselves and tell their stories, and at the same time the opportunity to acquire skills useful for personal and professional growth paths.

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Caterina Arciprete, Italian artist, combines photography,drawing/painting and writing.  She is the initiator and the driving force behind the "Art for Women Today" project. As an artist she has had several exhibitions and editorial projects in Italy and abroad. Arciprete studied and taught at the IED of Rome. For many years she was an art consultant for the international platform BIN. -from 2023 She collaborates in Ialy with Nami Gallery (Naples), Grida Gallery (Jesi),  and Spazio Cima Gallery (Rome). In USA with Art Mora Gallery. (NJ). The artist has also published art books. Among others “The secret of happiness” 2018, "La notte dello stregone" 2011,"Guida alla città dei ragazzi" 2012. In Italy she develops art projects for companies such as Oste jewelry, Caffe Borbone, Camomilla Fashion, and Garofalo.  In 2019 she showed ‘Gate’ at Naples international Airport, an exhibition and an art book about a passage open to all those who make the planet a single landscape. In 2022 she created a collection of photo-paintings and drawings called “Swedish Light” exclusively for Galleri Artsight in Sweden. 

Artsight  is an art gallery in the center of Stockholm showcasing  artists of all nationalities in an unpretentious atmosphere, with the aim of making access to  art galleries less intimidating for visitors. We also try to present artists who have a different approach to their art. We are therefore very happy when visitors tells us that the artworks we display are "different" from what they are used to see.

"True artists despise nothing; they force themselves to understand rather than judge." wrote Albert Camus.  That's why the gallery wants to support Caterina's project, a project whose questioning challenges us and whose aim is compassionate.

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If the link doesn´t work, our mail is :        galleriartsight @ gmail . com